This Page will be Dedicated To Harry Uhl Jr
Last year we tragically lost Harry Uhl Jr in a boating accident. He was 27 years old. Right in the prime of his life.
     Harry was an active member of our Club. He would often help us with Club activites. trail mantanice, pig roast, signs and many other task.
     Its hard to descibe Harry unless you knew him. But.. if you ever meet him you would not forget him. His amazing personalitiy full of life and vigor matched no other. Harry would always walk up to you with a BIG Chester Cat smile and hearty hand shake and say hello.
      His nick name was Hurricane Harry and he was defiantly the Eye Of The Storm.
     He was the most amazing story teller around. The emotion, the facial expressions that he would put into his srory would be something to see. Your eyes would be glued to him until he was done.
       Harry was an avid stock car driver, local track champion and winner of many races, a great athlete and like to ride his sled hard and fast.
        We  all miss talking with Harry and listening to his stories about his latest race or adventure. It seam like everyone knew Harry and He had many friends. We miss his Big Heart, Big Smile and Huge personality.